The Braziliant Promise

Our clients travel from New York and all over New England to be waxed at Braziliant Body Waxing, because personally guarantee our clients the deepest, longest-lasting wax possible, performed by highly trained estheticians in a clean, peaceful environment. No hair left behind is our motto.

Luciana Araujo, Founder, Braziliant Body Waxing

Our Soft Wax

It’s very simple. If you want silky smooth skin for as long as possible, then you need to remove the hair at the deepest level possible. At Braziliant Body Waxing, we use a special type of “Soft Wax” that removes hair all the way down to the follicle level, which is the deepest wax you can get, allowing you to enjoy silky smooth skin for the longest time possible before you need to wax again.

Our Expert Technique

Each of our Ridgefield Estheticians is rigorously trained from scratch in Soft Wax technique by our founder, Luciana, who has over 35 years of experience using Soft Wax and has perfected the technique to give clients ultimate results. When you combine our Soft Wax with our expertly trained Specialists, you get the smoothest and longest lasting wax available.

No Speed Waxing

At Braziliant, Ridgefield, we believe a great waxing business is built by giving our clients the ultimate waxing experience and results, even if it takes a little more time. Our Estheticians are never asked to “speed wax” in order to fit more appointments into their day. Plus, no hair is EVER left behind. That’s our motto at Braziliant Body Waxing, and our Esthetians will take the time to make sure not a single hair has been missed.

Obsessive Commitment to Cleanliness

At Braziliant, you can relax knowing that cleanliness and sterilization is our highest priority. To ensure you are being waxed in the safest, cleanest way possible, we follow strict sterilization guidelines from the CDC and our local Health Department, we never ever “double dip” sticks into the wax, and the entire salon is cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Full Service Body Waxing for Men

If you’re a man looking for a one-stop salon for all your body waxing needs, Braziliant is the ONLY salon in Connecticut that offers full service body waxing for men, including Male Brazilian Wax. Our Estheticians are highly trained in waxing men, and we have a zero tolerance policy for anything but strict professionalism between our Estheticians and male clients.

Braziliant Body Waxing Services

Body Services for Women

Full Body Wax (120 min) - 400

Brazilian Wax (40 min) - 75

Deep Bikini (35 min) - 65

Butt Cheeks (15 min) - 40

Full Legs (45 min) - 85

Inner Thighs (15 min) - 20

Legs Above Knee (25 min) - 50

Legs Below Knee (20 min) - 40

Feet & Toes (5 min) - 15

Full Back (30 min) - 65

Half Back (15 min) - 30

Chest (30 min) - 40

Stomach (15 min) - 30

Stomach Strip (10 min) - 15

Under Arms (10 min) - 20

Full Arms (25 min) - 55

Half Arms (15 min) - 40

 Brazilian wax is our most popular body service for women, which includes the front portion and inside of butt cheeks. You can also add outer butt cheeks as an additional service, if you’d like.

 Deep Bikini Wax is front only. Most of your hair is waxed away to your preference.

Facial Services for Women

Micro-Needling (60 min) - 250

Braziliant Deep Cleanse Facial (80 min) - 200

Braziliant Signature Facial (60 min) - 180

Glassy Glow Treatment (60 min) - 150

Dermaplaning (60 min) - 130

Oxygen Jet Peeling (60 min) - 70

Oxygen Photon Mask (30 min) - 70

Bi-Polar RF (30 min) - 70

Multi-Polar RF (30 min) - 50

Hydro Dermabrasion (30 min) - 50

Brow Lamination (60 min) - 140

Full Face + Eyebrows (55 min) - 70

Eyebrow Design (35 min) - 40

Eyebrow Tweezing (30 min) - 40

Nose (10 min) - 20

Cheeks (10 min) - 15

Lip (5 min) - 15

Chin (5 min) - 15

Sideburns (10 min) - 20

 Eyebrow Design is our most popular facial wax service for women and includes wax, tweezing and fill in.

NanoStamp 360™ Services

The NanoStamp 360™ is an advanced medical-grade nano-infusion and microchanneling treatment used to improve the appearance of skin and to treat wrinkles, scars, sagging skin, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne, stretchmarks and thinning hair.

Full Face (20 min) - 350

Chest (25 min) - 400

Neck (20 min) - 250

Hands (20 min) - 200

Hair Rejuvenation (30 min) - 300

Acne Scars & Stretch Marks- Consultation Required*** (20 min) - Free

Now Offering Glassy Glow Facial Treatments & Micro-needling!

Want that clear, poreless, newborn baby skin that is all the rage on social media? Look no further! Braziliant Body Waxing has added Glassy Glow Facial Treatments and Micro-needling to our list of services.

The Glassy Glow Treatment provides immediate coverage and long-lasting beauty without overstimulating the skin, while the Micro-needling Treatment prompts the derma, a deeper layer of skin, to rebuild. The results of both treatments are visible wrinkle improvement, even skin tone, and glow all the same time.

Book one service or both together for a positively radiant glassy glow!

Braziliant Body Waxing - About

About Us

35 years ago, I waxed my first client in my home country of Brazil. Today, I own the waxing salon of my dreams with hundreds of repeat clients that I love. I built this business with a great personality and by holding myself to the highest standards of waxing, giving each and every client the deepest, longest lasting wax possible in the cleanest, most relaxing environment achievable with attention to detail to make sure no hair is ever left behind. In addition, you can rest assured that each member of my team was hand-selected and personally trained to uphold the same exacting standards to which I hold of myself.

Luciana Araujo

Founder, Braziliant Body Waxing

Braziliant Body Waxing - Larissa


Meet Larissa, our meticulous esthetician who joined Braziliant in 2021 after mastering her skills in Luciana’s Master Class. With a keen eye for detail, Larissa specializes in Brazilian waxing, ensuring a precise and comfortable experience for her clients. Beyond work, she enjoys quality time with her pet bunny, Blue, adding a touch of warmth and care to her life outside the salon.

Google 5 Star Review

This place is so clean and the people are so nice. The best waxing place I’ve ever been. They take their time when waxing you and you leave feeling great. Plus they NEVER use the same stick twice!

Yelp 5 Star Review

Braziliant is the best! I have been going here for over 4 years and there is no other place I would go for my waxing needs. Luciana is the best. Superior customer service and a very classy establishment!

Facebook 5 Star Review

It was such a pleasant first time experience getting a Brazilian wax! It was quick and painless. Pablya was so sweet and welcoming. She made me feel so comfortable! It was such a great experience for me that I already scheduled my next appointment, can’t wait to come back!

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