Braziliant Body Waxing Master Classes

Now Offering Body Waxing Master Classes by Luciana Araujo

By popular demand and for a limited time only, Luciana Araujo, Founder of Braziliant Body Waxing, is now offering Master Classes in the fine art of body waxing to entrepreneurial women eager to learn the skills needed to break into the industry, along with tips on how to be successful at business and stay in the trade.

Body Waxing Master Classes

Are you currently working in the beauty industry and want to gain further knowledge by learning how to provide your clients with a waxing service? Do you have a passion for beauty and want to help your clients enjoy a hair-free lifestyle? Do you have an outgoing personality, love interacting with different people, and are seeking to provide a service that gives you the opportunity to enjoy conversing with your clients everyday? If so, Braziliant Body Waxing may have the answer to the career you’ve been looking for! Waxing is a highly sought after service throughout the world, and Luciana Araujo, the Founder of Braziliant Body Waxing with over 40 years of experience, is now offering Body Waxing Master Classes that can help you make your dreams into a reality!

About Luciana

Anyone who knows Luciana even slightly well is well-aware of her love for the Art of Body Waxing. The craft allows for creativity, yet requires precision, which are aspects not often found in a single profession. What many people do not know about Luciana is that she utilized her love for body waxing to fund another love that requires creativity and precision – the love of law – and she immigrated to the United States from her home country of Brazil in 2004 a respected attorney.

Unfortunately, she soon learned upon moving to the US with her 2 small children and knowing very little English that practicing law was not going to be an immediate possibility. She eventually settled in Ridgefield by way of Danbury and got to work, as failure was not an option. With the assistance of a tight-knit Brazilian community, her church, and doing hair and nails out of her home, she was able to pull enough money together to give birth to Braziliant Body Waxing, which is now, second only to her true children, the love of her life.

Why has Luciana decided to offer Body Waxing Master Classes? Well, with love comes passion, and while being Brazilian makes Luciana prone to passion, she is especially passionate about 2 things – the satisfaction of her clientele and helping people, especially women, who have struggled as she once did. It is with that struggle in mind that she has decided to start offering Body Waxing Master Classes to women interested in becoming entrepreneurs and making body waxing a career.

The Body Waxing Master Class Course

The Body Waxing Master Class is a convenient 24 hour course over six (6) four (4) hour classes packed with useful information. Each day Luciana will teach new body waxing skills while providing information pertaining to the appropriate products needed for every service. In essence, students will learn all the latest and greatest body waxing techniques and styles, along with the waxes to use to achieve the best results.

Upon completion, students will earn a certification by Braziliant Body Waxing, LLC., stating their completion of the Master Class. This certificate will be proof of completion and indicates that you have taken the full 24 hour course on Full body waxing.

  • Get a better understanding on how to properly and safely remove hair.
  • Identify the different removal methods you can use along with the advantages and disadvantages of each of the methods.
  • Learn how to conduct a client consultation correctly. Learn what to ask, what to look out for, what forms should be completed and more.
  • Understand the health and safety regulations and what you need to do to ensure your client’s safety at all times.
  • Learn how to create a professional working environment and keep clients record safety.
  • Learn the importance of a professional image from dress code to grooming.
  • Get an understanding on how to set up for each client, what written information to provide and more.
  • Learn about various waxes, waxing strips and spatulas. Get a good understanding on why disposable products are advantageous in this industry.
  • Learn the precautions you should be taking when waxing clients, from side effects to dealing with problems.
  • Learn about the skin’s function
  • Understand sanitation and why these are important in this industry.
  • Gain information on techniques and tips to ensure effective waxing at all times.

Benefits of Certificate

This Waxing Certification will provide you with a host of benefits you can take full advantage of as you work way through new Knowledge.

  • Fast Track your Career
  • Boost your promotional opportunities
  • Start Your Own salon
  • Industry recognized certification

Body Waxing Master Classes Lessons

Introduction to Hair Removal

  • Technically, what is hair?
  • What causes unwanted hair?
  • What kills and what stimulates the hair?

Hair Removal Methods

  • Identifying various hair removal methods
  • Basic process for each method
  • The benefits and disadvantages of each method
  • What areas of the body are the best for using the different techniques

Health, Hygiene & Safety Legislation

  • Safety and Health Policy 
  • Proper Procedures 
  • Information and Training 
  • How to identify risks and hazards

Completing the Client Consultation

  • How to conduct a proper client consultation 
  • What you should ask your clients during the consultation 
  • What a sample consultation looks like

Professional Ethics & Client Records

  • How to behave ethically as a professional in this industry 
  • How to keep accurate and up to date client records 
  • How to develop a professional environment 
  • How to record income and expenses 
  • Prepare vendors and products 
  • Setting up equipment 
  • Written material 

Required Material

  • About the different types of waxing 
  • Type and sizes of waxing strips 
  • Type and uses for spatulas
  • About the advantages of disposable products

Safety Precautions Relating to Wax

  • Precautions that one should take when waxing clients 
  • Useful tips to take advantage of
  • Avoid unwelcome side effects 
  • What to do if problems occur

Function of the Skin

  • Function of the skin 
  • How to use this information 
  • How skin conditions can affect your services 
  • Different skin conditions

Sanitation & Sanitization

  • Why sanitation and sanitization is so important 
  • Proper sanitation practices 
  • Waxing procedures 
  • Why this is so important for your clients

Face Waxing by Braziliant

  • How to wax the Face
  • How to choose the right wax
  • Useful Hints and tips

Above the Lip

  • How to wax above the lip
  • Waxing side of the lips
  • Tips for effective upper lip waxing
  • Advice for daily maintenance

The Chin & Neck

  • Methods for waxing the chin
  • Important things to remember 
  • How to wax the chin and neck
  • Things to watch out for


  • How to wax eyebrows 
  • Eyebrows designing procedure 
  • Advice for daily maintenance 
  • Useful tips


  • How to wax underarms
  • Preparing the underarms area for waxing
  • How to deal with dark underarms


  • How to wax the chest 
  • Step by step procedure to follow 
  • Useful tips 
  • After care procedure

Legs (Upper & Lower)

  • How to wax above the legs and knees 
  • The method for waxing the upper part of the leg
  • The method for waxing the lower part of the leg
  • The method for waxing the knee


  • How to properly wax your client’s back
  • How to prepare for the appointment 
  • How to prevent damage
  • How to soothe your client’s pain after the procedure

Bikini Area

  • How to wax the bikini area 
  • Information about the most popular styles 
  • Preparing your clients 
  • Essential tips and advice


  • Treating the client after a procedure 
  • What you should do when things don’t go like are planned 
  • Dealing with clients effectively who won’t follow protocol

Pricing & Limitations

This course is valued at $4,999. Course may be paid in full or in 2 payments. Half of that
payment must be paid at registration.

Classes will be limited to 4 student slots to maximize one-on-one teaching, hands on
experience, and social distancing.

Each master class session will total 24 hours. Classes will be broken into 6 hour sessions for a total of 4 classes. Each class will go over specific parts of the body and how to wax each area.

Students will also learn about skin integrity, use of materials, safe and clean waxing techniques, proper waxing hygiene, and much more.

Need More Convincing?

Check-out our 5 Star Reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp below! You are just a Master Class away from your own 5 Star Reviews! Use the form below to be taken to the page on which you can select your class date and get your voucher. Classes fill up relatively quickly, so if the voucher is gray and unselectable, please choose another date or check back regularly. Additional dates are added as often as Luciana is able.

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Google 5 Star Review

This place is so clean and the people are so nice. The best waxing place I’ve ever been. They take their time when waxing you and you leave feeling great. Plus they NEVER use the same stick twice!

Yelp 5 Star Review

Braziliant is the best! I have been going here for over 4 years and there is no other place I would go for my waxing needs. Luciana is the best. Superior customer service and a very classy establishment!

Facebook 5 Star Review

It was such a pleasant first time experience getting a Brazilian wax! It was quick and painless. Pablya was so sweet and welcoming. She made me feel so comfortable! It was such a great experience for me that I already scheduled my next appointment, can’t wait to come back!

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